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Jiangsu Meiaisi Cosmetics Corp.,Ltd. founded in 1997, registered capital of 27.6 million yuan, it Mainly engaged in researching and developing, producting , saling  cosmetics, hair supplies, wash production , it is the vice president unit of Jiangsu Province Daily Cosmetics Industry Association ,the vice chairman unit of Suzhou Daily Cosmetics Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of Foho High -Tech general chamber of commerce ,and was rated as Suzhou Famous Trade Name Company in 2007.  

Meiaisi located in Suzhou city Wujiang zone Foho high-tech zone Meiaisi biological industrial garden, the junction of Jiangsu Province ,Zhejiang Province and Shanghai , which is developed area and has convenient transportation.The company covers an area of 60 mu,  38000㎡building area ,has independent GMP standard workshop to product skin care production which taste in grade 100000 and 300000 ,detergents, hair dye and wash hair workshop, the existing three production areas, more than 30 production line, annual production capacity of more than 200 million bottles.

Meiaisi had obtained ISO9001 international quality management system certification and ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, and passed the SA8000 social responsibility standard, GMPC cosmetic good manufacturing practices, EHS, "the global sustainable development" and other international standard audit.

Meiaisi owned three brands “Meiaisi “,”Duoai”,”Shuixiangliren”, they focus on skin care production ,washing production ,facial mask respectively, the productions sell well nationwide.
OEM/ODM business clients included Henkel, Loreal, Bee Flowers,kans and other well-known brands both at home and abroad.

Meiaisi had the advanced science technology research and development center and quality control center, had a professional product development, quality management, production management team.At the same time,cooperated with several well-known research institutions to carry out the close technical , continued  innovation and the pursuit of excellence.

At present, Meiaisi is advancing the new three board listing work, has been completed shareholding system reform, will be officially listed shortly. 
Meiasi adhere to the idea"quality first, service first" , the pursuit of dream"make employees happy, make enterprise evergreen, let Meiaisi global well-known " !



  • Since 1997
2015:Successful completion of the shareholding system reform
2013:Meiaisi passed GMPC international authentication, the expansion of the new plant, expand produc
2014: Meiaisi plant essence youth appearance beauty expo in Shanghai
2012:Meiaisi passed global sustainable development audit,and Tmall flagship founded.
2010:Meiaisi passed the SA8000 social responsibility audit
2009:Fall exchange fair was held successfully in Guilin
2007:Hired miss universe champion QiFang as spokesperson
2006:Meiaisi was awarded "Jiangsu Province famous trademark "
2005:Meiaisi biological technology research center established, hired Yongyi Yuan as spokesperson
2004:passed the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification
1999: Meiaisi strategic cooperated with Shanghai Huayin "Bee Flower"
1998:Meiaisi passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification
1997:Meiaisi was founded in 1997,Sino-US company


Certificate from the society and the recognition of the industry, means a greater mission and responsibilities, the force of the enterprise run market,
Continuously to create the proud achievements one after another, to gain society and the public's respect and recognition.



The main /ODM customers include Henkel, Loreal, Shanghai Bee Flowers, Kans and other well-known brands both at home and abroad.
1, Germany Henkel: Meiaisi cooperated with henkel formally in November 2008, producted Schwarzkopf, Syoss, Bright, Inhange and other brand hair product (including cosmetic line, professional line of products), as well as Schwarzkopf, Syoss wash hair care products.Development up to now, Meiaisi, with excellent management, excellent quality, excellent service, gained trust and spoke highly of Henkel, business from the original 3 million annual box has increased to nearly 20 million a year (bottle).In early 2016, Henkel set up r&d centers in the Meiaisi biological industrial garden , and had become a core suppliers of Henkel and important research and development base.

2, Loreal: Meiaisi cooperated with loreal formally in December 2008, producted perm water ,hair color ,shampoo,cosmetic product,etc. early, and the main production including L'Oreal Paris ,Kan,Maybelline and so on which are professional line brand of skin care products .Meiaisi passed the Loreal’s strict mixing qualifications audit,increased close cooperation and became one of core l 'oreal outsourcers.

3, Shanghai Bee Flower: At the beginning of Meiaisi foundation in 1997, then established the cooperation with Bee Flower, mainly producted "bee" brand conditioner, shampoo and other products, nearly 20 years of cooperation, Meiaisi has repeatedly won the Bee Flower annual award for eugenics,etc.

(4), Shanghai Shangmei(i.e., kans) : Meiaisi cooperated with Kans formally in March 2015, at the same time enable construction standardization workshop buildings, the main production were kans skin care, SuoWeiYa wash hair care products, as well as the red elephant maternal and infant products, within a year of cooperation, Meiaisi has been recognized fully trust and height recognition by Kans, prospect will be better.
* research & technology
1,In order to develop the proprietary brand, innovation products constantly, Meiaisi cooperated  with the industry professional research institutes ,in addition to set up a technology research and development center. Meiaisi and Nanjing utilization of wild plant research institute formally signed in November, jointly set up Meiaisi skin research center and production base, mainly including technical support, research on application of natural plant extracts, common development and to declare a national scientific research project, technical invention patent, etc.
(Abstract: Nanjing utilization of wild plant research institute is the only institute specializing in wild plant resources investigation, research and development, comprehensive utilization of resources and industrialization research of affiliated professional institute.)
2, Meiaisi established the cooperation with C&TECH in December 2014, ,the first big mask production company in Korea , C&TECH’s investment enterprises in China located in the Meiaisi biological industrial garden, cooperation content mainly includes: (1) technology research and development cooperation: develop a series of innovation of high technology content of products,including hair cream, rice mask, etc. Meiaisi also planned to establish Meiasii International Skin Research Institute in Korea with C&Tech; (2)products agency:Agent Pujingxin mask ,actively expand the Chinese market.This deepening cooperation, has become strategic partners.

(Introduction: C&TECH CORP., was founded in 2003, has three factories in Korea-- 1 institute and sales company based in Seoul, focus on researching and developing mask production of & basic skincare & dye hair products, has strong technical strength, owned hundreds of cosmetics technology patent.)

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